One2One Event Tech recently launched the One2One Event Suite which includes event mobile apps, engagement tools, audience response, attendance tracking, lead retrieval, registration and badge printing solutions.

What can our Event Apps do for you?

  • Streamline communications
  • Superior design and intuitive user interface
  • Extensive sponsorship opportunities
  • Completely skinnable event apps
  • Always live, instant updates
  • Discover and connect
  • Powerful event schedule system
  • Measure event success
  • Flexible and secure

Here’s a sneak peak from one of the recent events we did using the app suite:

Enhance your event communication

Pre-event Marketing The announcement, Let your contacts know when the event is on and location

Speakers – Your carefully curated program is a key draw-card for potential attendees. Introduce speakers early on – include keynote titles, photos and short bios.

Schedule – This can be a sneak peak of what’s included in the agenda including sessions, streams, workshops and social activities.

Registration openLet potential attendees know registration is open. Make sure your registration process is easy and only collect the information you need. Monitor new sign ups everyday to gauge where the traffic is coming from and collect any other data which can streamline the process.

Confirmation and pre-eventThis information should be essential information your attendees need to know before they show up on the day.

  • Confirm their details and dietary requirements
  • Give them basic event details such as registration times
  • Tell them about the event app, why they should download it and how.

Post eventThe event is done – but don’t forget to send out this follow-up information shortly after the event

  • Thanks to sponsors and others involved in making the event happen
  • How to access speaker presentations and other materials
  • Share photos
  • Request feedback

Don’t wait too long to ask for feedback, you want this to be fresh in attendees minds – a great way to collect this is via the event app. Send a notification after closing, with a link to an in-app feedback form.

For more information on the event suite or access to a full system demo, please contact us.


Telephone: 011 783 3323