27 May 2014, Johannesburg – Today Fur Free SA hosted an exclusive, first-ever anti-fur fashion show that featured 10 of South Africa’s most beloved celebrities and their hand-picked designers, who took a stand against the cruel fur trade by showing specially designed outfits that contained no animal products whatsoever.

Taking part and expressing their views on the cruelties of fur were:

  • Christina Storm with Casper Bosman (Christina said: “I will never use fur because of the horrific ways in which fur animals live and die.”)
  • Louise Carver with Vesselina Pentcheva (“I try to stand for non-cruelty in all things. That is why I would never wear fur.”)
  • Jay Anstey with Suzaan Heyns (“Many thousands of animals suffer and die needlessly for fur. I prefer to look good in my own skin.”)
  • Cito with Justine and Marea from Augustine Bespoke Apparel (“I will never use fur or condone the use of fur, since many of the animals used for their fur are skinned alive.”)
  • Garth Taylor with Ephraim from Ephymol (“I am against fur not only because of the suffering it brings to animals, but also because of the devastation the fur industry brings to the environment.”)
  • Catherine Grenfell with Dominique from Lunar (“There is video evidence of cruelty to fur animals even in European countries and in the USA. There is no such thing as cruelty-free fur, therefore  I avoid all fur.”)
  • Katlego Maboe with Ruald Rheeder  (“Many animals trapped for their fur suffer for days in steel-jaw traps. I could never justify that – not for fashion or for any other reason.”)
  • Elana Afrika Bredenkamp with Malcolm Kluk (“It is so difficult to tell faux fur from real fur, therefore avoiding fur on garments I wear is safer.”)
  • Dex Kotze with Diaan Daniels (“We love our dogs and they live wonderful lives with us, but elsewhere in the world, thousands of dogs and cats are killed every day, purely for their fur. I want no part of that.)
  • Jenna Clifford with Gert Johan Coetzee (“Many people don’t realise that the fur trim used on garments often consists of real fur, mostly obtained from cats and dogs.  Isn’t it wonderful to know that a top designer like Gert Johan Coetzee will never use fur in any of his designs?”)

This fashion event of the year was televised by SABC’s Top Billing and photography supplied by Andrew Howes Photography.

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