Event Apps

Impress with an exceptional first impression

The most flexible, adaptable, ever-changeable event app on the market for savvy event organisers and attendees expecting more. Superior in design customisation options, the intuitive user interface of our event apps will delight attendees with a seamless event experience.

Superior design and intuitive user interface

  • Impress with an exceptional first impression
  • Comprehensive event companion with personalisation options
  • Flexible and adaptable to organise your content any way you like
  • Show and hide information based on profile type

Extensive sponsorship opportunities

  • Banners to increase engagement and exposure for sponsors
  • Menu icons can be unique in design and directly linked to key sponsor pages
  • Sell session and page sponsorship
  • Include a sponsor list with logos, contact details, and optional tiers
  • Send sponsored notifications


Completely skinnable

  • Apply your event branding at every touch-point
  • Create a custom skin for the app splash screens, icon menu screen (including buttons), content pages headers and more
  • Manage the look and feel with custom background, icons and content

Powerful event schedule system

  • Perfect for agendas of any size
  • Wide range of display options and settings to suit your agenda’s structure
  • Group breakouts and concurrent sessions
  • Stream categorisation to differentiate session types
  • Personalise the schedule for each attendee
  • In-app session notes with export via email
  • Include abstracts and link to speaker bios
  • Survey and gather session feedback with in-line feedback forms
  • Link rooms to sessions for navigation

Flexible and secure

  • Native apps for both iOS and Android with fully featured web version for desktop, laptop and other devices.
  • Make the app publicly available, locked via a global password or require user login via a number of authentication options
  • User login and/or shared passwords can be set for the entire app or selected pages and sections
  • Multiple deployment options, including event branded store listings or rapid deployment via an existing event portal

Measure event success

  • Gain invaluable real-time insights with extensive ROI analysis before, during and after your event
  • Monitor page views, return visits, interactions, app downloads and device types
  • Real-time push notification view counts
  • Sponsorship banner click-throughs
  • Export data for stakeholder reports

Always live, instant updates

  • Communicate instantly using push notifications
  • Ensure attendees have the latest information
  • Change menu structure or page content at any time
  • All changes made to content are automatically updated on attendee devices

Discover and connect

  • The in-app QR scanner can be used to scan attendee badges, check-in to sessions, scan exhibitors or access hidden pages
  • Collect feedback, create competitions or gather information with feedback forms