Event technology powering remarkable experiences

Powerful event technology platform empowering creators, inspiring attendees and rewarding stakeholders.

The One2one Event Suite includes mobile apps, engagement tools, audience response, attendance tracking, lead retrieval, registration and badge printing solutions.

Streamline Communications

Deliver exceptional attendee experiences with the most flexible, adaptable, ever-changeable event platform on the market.

Superior in design customisation options, the intuitive user interface of our event apps will delight attendees with a seamless event experience.

Maximise branding and boost sponsor ROI with extensive opportunities for exposure and insights.

“The platform is incredibly easy and so powerful in capturing live data…made me look like a rockstar!” 

Impress with a great first impression.

Event Apps

Streamline Communications

  • Superior design and intuitive user interface

  • Extensive sponsorship opportunities

  • Completely skinnable

  • Always live, instant updates

  • Discover and connect

  • Powerful event schedule system

  • Measure event success

  • Flexible and secure

Strengthen Engagement

Enrich and personalise the attendee experience.

A game changer! Bring your event to life by empowering attendees to share content, create meaningful connections and participate in live activity feeds.

Build excitement with gamification, leaderboard challenges and achievements.

Boost session participation with live polling Q&A and chat-room style discussion.

Drive Discussions with Polling and Q&A

Interactive Sessions

Strengthen Engagement

  • Boost session participation


  • Moderate with dedicated facilitator panel


  • Event branded display screen

Engaging networking and gamification

Attendee Connect

Strengthen Engagement

  • Facilitate Networking

  • Gamification

  • Create a digital community

“The platform is incredibly easy and so powerful in capturing live data…made me look like a rockstar!” 

Simplify Logistics

Achieve all your event goals

Maximise ROI for exhibitors and sponsors with Lead Capture.

Track, monitor, manage and report attendee movements with Attendance Tracking.

Launch responsive registration forms in minutes.

Create dynamic name badges from a single attendee database. Print badges on demand at your registration desk or directly via Kiosks for a self-service premium check-in.

Lead generation using exhibitor devices

Lead Capture

Simplify Logistics

  • Convert interest into meaningful leads

  • Easy setup, intuitive to use

  • Drive traffic through incentives

Track, monitor, report and manage

Attendance tracking

Simplify Logistics

  • Real-time attendance management ad insights

  • Automated scanning

  • Live data

Rapid Registration with optional payment


Simplify Logistics

  • Sophisticated registration made simple

  • Drag & drop builder

Welcoming technology

Kiosk Manager

Simplify Logistics

  • Easy to setup and configure

  • Companion app for staff

  • Revolutionise your registration area

Flexible name badges

Badge Printing

Simplify Logistics

  • Dynamic Badges


  • Powerful badge editor


  • Solutions for every event and budget

Create, control and analyse from a single site

Core CMS

Simplify Logistics

  • Single database of attendee profiles

  • Centralised repository of event information and content

  • Monitor and report using live stats and data

  • Bulk importing, editing and exporting tools

  • Single point of control for the entire suite of products